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  • 618th AOC oversees the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines to Airmen stationed overseas

    Since the start of the pandemic, the 618th Air Operations Center has been a leader in transporting more than 50,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses and over 500 associated kits to DoD employees overseas. The 618 AOC is proud to support the health and wellness of our warfighters around the world, and will continue to lead from the front when supporting the DoD's pandemic response efforts.
  • 618 AOC mobilizes aircraft to delivery a large mobile field hospital to Suriname

    This past weekend, the 618th Air Operations Center organized the delivery of a large mobile field hospital to the Suriname Ministry of Health to help alleviate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on local communities in the South American nation. As the Department of Defense's premier command and control center, the 618 AOC plays a critical role in the execution of such missions, providing the planning, tasking, and execution expertise needed to deliver humanitarian aid to global communities in need.
  • Stephen Jones retires after 50-years of federal service

    Today, Mr. Stephen Jones, Director of the Airlift Allocation Directorate, spent his final day in the AOC before his much-deserved retirement, marking the end to an almost 50-year career of service to our country. Despite his passion for mobility operations, Jones is ready for retirement saying, “there comes a time in every person’s career when you pass on the reins to the next generation.”
  • Former Chief of Staff of the Air Force, retired General Norton Schwartz, visits the 618 AOC

    Last week, retired USAF General Norton Schwartz, former Chief of Staff of the Air Force, visited senior leaders at the 618 AOC to learn more about our mission and to offer his encouragement to our personnel for the great service they provide to our national security. The AOC is proud of their legacy built under the guidance of past leaders like Schwartz and will continue to lead the way when it comes to supporting our Airmen around the world.
  • 618 AOC sends air refueling support to warfighters during Exercise Mobility Guardian 21

    The 618th Air Operations Center recently mobilized in-air refueling support for aircraft participating in Air Mobility Command's largest and longest exercise, Mobility Guardian 2021. The 618 AOC helped organize the in-air refueling support needed to keep our warfighters in the air and ready to respond when needed.
  • SMSgt Daniel Leonard selected as 2020 IMA of the Year

    Last month, SMSgt Daniel Leonard, IMA Superintendent to the Air Refueling Directorate, received the exciting news that he had been selected as the 2020 IMA of the Year for his outstanding efforts in mobilizing air refueling support. Leonard credited his outstanding team as the biggest contributor to his success saying, "This is a team award. Everyone who I've worked with has had a part in it."
  • Lt Col Molly King retires, marking the end to a 30 year career of public service

    Lt Col Molly King, 618 AOC Deputy Director of Operations, was visited by General DeVoe this month who personally thanked her for her 30 years of military service in light of her upcoming retirement. During retirement, King intends to spend quality time with her husband and six children, along with tending to her garden and chickens.
  • MSgt Gersom F. Teran retires after 40 years of service

    MSgt Gersom F. Teran, an Air National Guardsman serving in the AOC’s Global Airlift Directorate, received a surprise visit last week from his coworkers in celebration of his incredible military career and to present him with a parting gift in lieu of his upcoming retirement. His retirement marks the conclusion of 40 years of military service.
  • Chief Master Sergeant Larcario Tufts announced as new Superintendent for the 618 AOC

    This week, Chief Master Sergeant Larcario Tufts was announced as the new Superintendent for the 618 AOC. Chief Tufts' journey to the AOC started when he was just a sophomore in high school. While working for the 385th Air Expeditionary Group in Qatar, Chief Tufts learned of an opportunity to work in the 618th Air Operations Center. Given his previous experience working as an executive officer for then Lt Col DeVoe in 2013, and having already fallen in love with the mobility enterprise, he knew this was an opportunity he couldn't pass up.
  • Maj. Christine Froeber awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal

    Last week, Maj Christine Froeber, Section Commander, was presented with the Air Force Commendation Medal for her contributions to our global mobility mission during a surprise awards ceremony led by General DeVoe. As a traditional reservist, Froeber arrived at the AOC in Oct 2020 to fill a temporary manning gap. Despite stepping into an unfamiliar position, she was able to draw on her previous experience in active-duty, the Guard, the reserves and the civilian workforce to quickly find her rhythm and lead her 18-member team to success.