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  • 618th Tanker Airlift Control Center enables Air Mobility Command's global reach

    When U.S. military and coalition forces need airlift, air refueling or aeromedical evacuation assets anywhere on the globe, there's a good chance the 618th Tanker Airlift Control Center is involved. The 618th TACC, a 700-person organization at Scott Air Force Base, Ill., is the Air Mobility Command's stateside hub for cargo and personnel airlift,
  • Berlin Airlift lays foundation for today's air mobility

    Sixty years ago today, the fledgling United States Air Force airlifted its first of 2.3 million tons of coal, food and supplies to the besieged city of Berlin. Stalin had cut off all ground transportation through Russian territory to the surrounded city of Berlin. The Berlin Airlift sustained a city of more than 2 million citizens for over a year,